Emerald Domus Optima Membership


Licensed Real Estate Agents are an integral part of Domus Optima Real Estate Auction Marketplace.

Complimentary membership upgrade to the Emerald Domus Optima Membership is required to list your client’s property at Domus Optima Real Estate Auctions, represent perspective sellers and buyers in pre/post auction formalities, participate in Domus Optima Affiliate Program and earn cooperating agent’s commission (if any).

Licensed Real Estate Agents may upgrade their Domus Optima Membership to the Emerald Domus Optima Membership by following the next 3 steps:

1. Press ADD TO CART button below (you will be transferred to the Checkout page);
2. Fill out all the required information;
3. Press PLACE ORDER button.

We look forward to establish a mutually beneficial cooperation with you!

This membership plan can only be purchased by Domus Optima Members.
Please visit our Members Areato log into your existing Domus Optima Members account or to register for a complimentary Domus Optima Membership. Thank you.
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Available via MY ACCOUNT panel

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To earn a commission for representing a successful buyer (a Domus Optima Real Estate Auction winner successfully closed on the property), the cooperating agent should either be officially appointed by the buyer upon registration for the Domus Optima Real Estate Auction and accept this appointment, or should officially refer the buyer and the buyer confirms this referral upon registration for the auction.
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