LOT2206001R | Auction Registration & Pre-Authorisation


Are you ready to register for the auction? You are at the right place to start.

To proceed with your registration for the auction and pre-authorisation of the Auction Administrative Fee, please:

1. Press REGISTER & PRE-AUTHORIZE button below (you will be transferred to the Checkout page);
2. Fill out all the required information;
3. Press REGISTER & PRE-AUTHORIZE NOW button. Your payment method will not be charged but pre-authorized only to ensure that any bid made by you is binding, serious, and without risk of delinquency. The actual charge of the Auction Administrative Fee will only occur in case of your breach (if any) of your contractual obligations as the auction winner. All other pre-authorizations will be cancelled / released accordingly.

Thank you for choosing us for your real estate auction needs!

We look forward to helping turn your dreams into a REALiTY.

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